Here Are Some of the Tips You Need to Consider While Choosing Glasses for Big Nose

Every person is unique and beautiful. However, there are moments when we are self-conscious about certain body features. It is a natural feeling because we all want to look the best as it boosts our confidence. There are a few tips to enhance your confidence, in case you are a little less confident due to the size and structure of your nose. One of the simplest options is to wear glasses that make your nose appear smaller.

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Let us now look at a few alternatives that are both fashionable and effective in giving the appearance of a smaller nose.

Tips to Consider While Choosing Glasses for Big Nose:

  • Look for a bigger frame:

For all the correct purposes, the larger-frame trend is here to stay. When dressed elegantly, it looks charming and uber-chic. When it comes to diverting attention away from your nose, the larger frame accomplishes it in the trendiest way possible. Because of the large size of this frame, spectators will focus on your eyes first, making your nose appear smaller.

  • A rectangular or square frame can also work effectively:

Unlike in the past, glasses are now available in a variety of sizes and shapes. A rectangular/square frame should be in your collection because they are wonderful for changing the shape of your nose. Further, instead of dull black and grey frames, you can go for colourful ones for a more appealing appearance.

  • Pay more attention to the shade of the frame:

If you do not like big frames on your face, you can play with the shades of the frames to make your nose appear smaller. Solid, dark-toned spectacles are the way to go. Also, ensure sure they are not wired or frameless. To divert attention from your nose, the colour should stand out on your face. However, if you do not like basic colours, confine your colours to a maximum of two to three shades.

  • The shape of the bridge plays an important role:

The design of your bridge can make your nose appear slimmer. There are two major categories. Firstly, Keyhole bridges are an old-fashioned classic form that as the name implies, looks like a keyhole. This design leaves a little space around the top piece, giving the appearance of space and making your nose appear smaller.

Secondly, Saddle bridges are a more modern form that ‘hugs’ your nose with little to no gap at the top. This close touch creates the illusion of a tighter fit, making your nose appear larger.

This gap, depending on the position of the frame, can improve the appearance of your nose.

We all enjoy making a statement with our choices. There will be no exceptions when it concerns eyewear! If you prefer to add colour and pattern to your outfits with accessories, then get the most beautiful glasses you enjoy.

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