Reduce Inflammation with CBD

Inflammation is the response of the body’s immune system. As per medical science, short term inflammation is protective because our immune system is in a fight mode to eradicate any foreign bodies from our system. However, on the other hand chronic inflammation is something to be thought about. Chronic inflammation is a sign of several underlying diseases in our body.

For years, doctors and health professionals have always prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids to reduce the condition. Recently, medical science has adopted a breakthrough revolutionary approach by treating inflammation with CBD. We are well aware about the misinformation floating in the market about CBD as a psychoactive compound. We will break these myths in this article.

How to take CBD for inflammation?

There are various ways to intake CBD, the most favoured being Vape. Apart from vaping, there is liquid medicine, CBD cream, CBD gummies, CBD electronic cigarettes. You can start with topical CBD or gummies. Once you get accustomed to this chemical compound, you can start vaping and increase the dosage as you go. Vaping is the best way to get maximum benefits from CBD oil, because it hits the blood stream directly. You can buy quality vaping accessories from a reputed online head shop such as the Express Smoke Shop.

How does CBD reduce inflammation?

By inhibiting inflammatory enzyme

Needless to say, inflammation is a complicated process as it involves several signalling nerves and its pathways. Our body uses signalling compounds known as eicosanoids to start an instant inflammatory response. On the other hand, CBD is rich in cannabinoid which can successfully inhibit the eicosanoid enzyme.

However, it is completely different from the steroids because unlike steroids you can intaking any harmful chemicals in your body. Irrespective of the misinformation in the market, always remember CBD is a non-habit-forming bio-chemical compound.

By inhibiting inflammatory process

CBD also affects the process of how inflammation is occurring. This process is known as cytokines. CBD reduces the pre stages of the cytokines, thereby inhibiting the inflammation. Hence, you need to be repetitive with this bio-chemical compound. This is because natural substances take time to give you effects, but it will give you a long-lasting effect.

Understanding the different types

Full spectrum and Broad Spectrum

This is one of the biggest choices, you need to make while you are buying CBD. The main difference is the percentage of the chemical THC it contains.

Full spectrum

Full spectrum CBD contains a varied range and percentage of cannabinoids. The percentage of CBD in this is around 0.3 percent. The best products will also have few percentages of terpenes and flavonoids. A recent medical study has revealed that CBD along with flavonoids has shown drastic and positive changes in patients who were suffering from chronic pain.

This percentage can also be used for patients who suffer anxiety attacks. Now, this mix has another benefit as well, i.e., the entourage effect. This helps in the brain staying alert and helps in taking rational decisions.

Broad Spectrum

There are some people who do not want any cannabinoid in their CBD oil. Now, if you are one of them then you should go for broad spectrum. In this product, there will be no CBD but there will be terpenes and flavonoids punched with other non-intoxicating substances.

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